25 April, 2023

Originally a shipping lawyer, Vincent Huens de Brouwer`s journey to becoming a superyacht insurance broker was not an obvious one. Indeed, his company, Covership, is one of a new breed of market entrants who represent something of a reverse trend in a contracting sector. Vince set up his own yacht insurance brokerage five years ago, a time when others were consolidating, scaling back or pulling out of yacht insurance altogether.

We caught up with Vince to find out more about what, in his opinion, is behind these industry changes and what Owners of the future should expect when they come to insure their yachts. Reflecting on his shift from shipping to yachting, from law to insurance, he explains “What I like about insurance is that you find risk solutions for your clients and you solve their claims, which can be very satisfying.”

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Insuring tomorrow`s superyacht